Salmon Fishing Guiding Service

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The Highland Angling Experience offer a bespoke guiding service that is totally focused on your fishing needs and that of your party. We are currently offering our guiding services on The River Lochy, River Garry and River Oich which we have fished on for a number of years with a good record of success.

Andy Burton knows the River Lochy intimately and has fished the river at a range of different water heights and in varying conditions. Andy also has an in depth knowledge of fishing for Salmon on the River Garry and River Oich and has a good track record of catching fish on all three rivers.

What we do differently, Ghillie or Guide?

Andy and his team offer a bespoke guiding service which differs from what may be offered by what people may think of a more traditional Ghillie service. When booking onto a beat that has a more traditional ghillie, you should expect to be allocated a pool and advised on some basic tactics as well as being looked after and maybe being mad a tea or coffee in the hut. The ghillie may also have a  mixed party to look after as well as other jobs to complete on the river banks etc that day.

If you hire a guide from the Highland Angling Experience, you can be sure that the day will be dedicated to you and your fishing party for the day. Your guide will  offer advice and information on water levels and conditions, tactics to use and when to change them, coaching and instruction on casting techniques if required.

Our service is completely angler centred and all about helping you to get the most out of your day.

We are also able to book your fishing as part of our service on The River Lochy, River Garry and River Oich when you book our guiding service.

Call Us: +44 (0)7867895354